John and Lucy Reeves were introduced to the Alexander Technique and each other in the mid 1990’s. Regular lessons taken over many years had a profound effect, igniting a life long curiosity in the work and its liberating possibilities.

In 2003 John and Lucy emigrated to Australia and continued lessons with Meredith Page, a former teacher / trainer from Walter and Dilys Carringtons’ “Constructive Teaching Centre” London. During 2005 – 2008 they trained with her to become teachers and have been running a private practise ever since.

John and Lucy continue their professional development with eminent teacher Christine Ackers. In 2015 they enjoyed attending the 10th International Alexander Technique Congress in Ireland.

Lucy and John are qualified teaching members of the professional association – Alexander Technique Education Inc.


John Reeves

I first took lessons in the Alexander Technique at music college. I was looking to improve my pianistic skills by any means possible and decided to give it a go. I didn’t know then that curiosity and enthusiasm for this work would eventually equal my passion for music, facilitating development in all areas of life.

While taking lessons I soon noticed how much I could get in my own way. Many of my limitations seemed to be self created and so perhaps were not set in stone. This was encouraging news for an aspiring musician. Careful work from the teacher guided me into a new equilibrium, a simpler, more effective way of being. On leaving a lesson I felt lighter and things in general seemed more hopeful. I experienced freer movement, increased coordination, and gradually the ability to reproduce these myself. I also noted that tension in my neck and back after long periods of practice decreased significantly.

When I look back, my old way of approaching life involved a great deal of effort for relatively little gain and some discomfort. Slowly but surely this was replaced with a more conscious way of working. I seemed to have more time and more common sense available to me in my activities.

It has been my intention for many years to generate a sense of hope and freedom through my work, so as to inspire other people to do what they love. I have a passion to teach the Alexander Technique so that others may enjoy life in harmony with change, discovering themselves through their chosen activities, as I continue to do.


As well as private teaching, John has given workshops and presentations on the Alexander Technique at various tertiary institutions: The University of Queensland, The Queensland Conservatorium, Queensland University of Technology, The Jazz Music Institute and JMC Academy.

John has a Bachelor of Music Honours degree in Piano Performance from The Royal College of Music, London. He has performed all over the country in various jazz and African groups and toured abroad to Japan and Taiwan.


Lucy Reeves

From the very start my lessons in the Alexander Technique were a breath of fresh air amongst the busyness of life, thirty minutes where I could go and just be. They provided a space where I decompressed and emerged with lightness of body and spirit. This really sparked my interest. Would it be possible to learn how to do this for myself, to let go of self created tension and limitation at any time? Furthermore, could I learn how to prevent myself from creating imbalances in the first place by taking the everyday acts of living onto a conscious plane? Once the door had been opened I knew this was a field I wanted to explore for life.

I initially came to the Technique with particular goals in mind, using it as a general maintenance and recovery strategy. Over time, the Technique has naturally widened my horizons to include awareness of the way I move through life. This approach helps me to create a general ease in my body and to enjoy more freedom. I consequently feel more connected to myself and my environment.

I have learnt and continue to learn so much from the Technique and am passionate to share my understanding with others.


Alongside my practise of the Technique I also work as a professional freelance harpist. I have performed on several tours with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, done extensive work around Australia and New Zealand with the major symphony orchestras as well as playing for numerous Ballet, Musical and Opera seasons. The integral employment of the Technique has been my backbone throughout and has given me an understanding of how to apply Alexander’s discoveries in a broad context.

Lucy has a Bachelor of Music Honours degree in Harp Performance from The Royal College of Music, London and a Master of Music Studies from Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane.