Restore your poise and

freedom of movement

What We Do

Based in Brisbane, we teach one on one lessons in the Alexander Technique.

Experience Alexander’s discoveries first-hand and learn how to restore your poise and freedom of movement.

We are passionate about the Technique and look forward to hearing from anyone wishing to learn more.

Who We Are

Lucy and John Reeves are teaching members of the professional association Alexander Technique Education Inc.

The Alexander Technique has been part of our lives for over 20 years. Since training as teachers (2005 – 2008) we have enjoyed sharing its benefits with people from all walks of life.

  • I started AT classes at the recommendation of my flute teacher to improve posture, breathing and overall flute playing. Working with Lucy was wonderful. Not only had the lessons minimised tension but maximised my bodily awareness. My breathing improved ten-fold and my energy levels increased as I’m not constantly straining against muscle tension. I feel like it has restored my body to a more natural state.

    Lucia Gonzalez
  • Over the past eight years of studying with John & Lucy, I believe the Alexander Technique has changed my fundamental approach to music making and the use of myself in a broader sense. It has informed my musical practices in many wonderful ways through awareness of optimal functionality of the body and mindfulness of habitual usage.

    Alex Raineri
  • I've had Alexander Technique lessons with both John and Lucy over a number of years - they are wonderful teachers who approach lessons with bucketloads of humour and passion. Studying the Alexander Technique has helped me not only in my capacity as a violinist, but in my life in general.

    Alethea Coombe
  • I have been taking AT lessons with Lucy, and sometimes John, for several years now. During the lessons Lucy helps me notice and let go of any tightness, especially in the joints. I also have chronic neck problems but the frequency and severity of episodes has reduced since starting lessons.

    Sue Henderson
  • I was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease in January 2015.  The main symptoms of this disease are the spine being hunched over and my head dropped forward. I have had weekly lessons with John since the diagnosis. The Alexander Technique.. is not a series of treatments or exercises, but rather a “re-education” of the mind and body. John has improved my quality of life.  My spine is much straighter and I do not suffer pain in my spine to the extent I did previously.

    Greg Buckland
  • John’s patience and guidance through this was so heart warming. I must and want to recommend this experience to everyone in all stages of life. Their practice set up is warm, safe and welcoming. It has a feeling of peace. I felt at ease to open to their knowledge and guidance and recover this graceful dimension to my body, available to anyone.

    Susanna Karlen
  • I have had chronic back pain for more than 40 years... Since visiting Lucy and practising the Alexander Technique under her expert guidance I have experienced improvement in the level of pain, the frequency of flare-ups and the duration of flare-ups. I believe that this is a direct result of Lucy’s teaching. I am now much more aware of how I move and this has enabled me to manage my back problems and enhance my sense of wellbeing.

    Lindsay Mack

The Benefits

Our students have reported the following:

Improved coordination


Ease of movement

Ability to manage stress



Reduction in back/shoulder/neck pain