Introductory lesson – 45 mins for $60/$45 (students)
Lesson – 30 mins for $40/$30 (students)


Monday to Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: times available on request

How long is a lesson?

After a 45min introductory lesson, sessions are 30 mins long.

How often?

It is helpful to have regular input especially at the start, so we recommend having one or two lessons a week.

How many lessons?

This is educational and as with learning anything – cooking, sport or a musical instrument – you can go as far as you wish. As a guideline, 10 lessons will give you a sense of this work, establishing something you can take away and use for yourself.

What happens in a lesson?

The teacher guides the student through everyday movements with light hands and some verbal instruction. We work together to raise awareness of the subtle connection between our movements and how we think.

What to wear?

Wear relaxed comfortable clothing, ladies may wish to wear leggings or trousers.

Presentations and workshops

We offer workshops to small groups and introductory presentations for larger gatherings.

Please contact us for further information.